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  • Nate Lapinski

    Nate Lapinski

    Fullstack Developer. Love digging into the internals of stuff. Always trying to reach the next level. @nate_lapinski on Twitter. Writer for AngularInDepth.

  • Rupesh Mishra

    Rupesh Mishra

    Backend Developer | Freelance Blogger

  • Jared Youtsey

    Jared Youtsey

    Passionate about JavaScript and Angular. Pure front-end development for the past eight years or so…

  • Max Koretskyi

    Max Koretskyi

    Founder of inDepth.dev community. Passionate about Mentorship, TechEd and WebDev. Angular & React contributor.

  • Andy Dłubak

    Andy Dłubak

    I design, develop, and test web & mobile apps. Currently, I’m a CTO at Cleria A.S. working with Angular, Django, and most of all people.

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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